Electric Unicycle Inmotion V5F

Electric Unicycle Inmotion V5F


Masterpiece for Intelligent Transportation

In unswerving pursuit of innovations for one-wheel scooters,
we seek to explore the way ahead for numerous passionate indviduals. We determine to satisfy all requirements of. and make interactions with scooter lovers.
However, we must improve ourselves to present the best to you, and the best for you.



148mm Graceful Beauty

Conciseness is a kind of spirit, embodying our attitudes and tastes.

Ti-based lightness and Mg-based Magnificence

tailored Ti-Mg alloy wheel-hub motor, a beauty attentively carved, cuts 1080g in weight, elegance, from inside to outside.

Speed and Superiority

In this ear when every minute counts, an end is also a new beginning for transcendence. As for one-wheel transporter, lift the speed to supremacy for splendid riding.


Color Black
Net Weight 13.5 kg
Range ① 45 ~ 50 km
Max. Speed ② 30km/h
Max. Slope 25°
Payload 120kg
Charging Time ③ 4 ~ 5 hours
Outer Tire Dimension 16 inches
Factory Default Tire Pressure 2.8 bar
Barrery Temperature Protection 55 ℃
Distance between Footboard and Ground 151mm
IP Ratings IP55
Operating Temperature -10~40 ℃
Power Ratings 800W
Battery 480Wh
Input Voltage (Charger) AC 100~240 V  50/60 Hz
Output Voltage & Current (Charger) 84V * 1.5A
Decorated Lamp Support DIY via APP

Additional information


Green, Black, White


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