To coincide with the Plymouth Fringe for the British Art Show 7’s tour to Plymouth, Project Space 11 present a multi faceted project entitled VIA.

VIA presents a nomadic model of working as a curatorial framework. The project questions how artist-led practice can thrive in ‘in-between’ spaces, and subsist/grow alongside existing structures created by institution or environment. VIA explores the validity of symbiotic relationships between artists and organisations (be they institutional or artist-led), and if there is still a need for artist-led practice to have physical ‘homes’.

At present, Project Space 11’s future is uncertain, and VIA aims to investigate the possibilities of working in flexible and perhaps parasitical ways; utilising creatively what materials, structures and spaces are already at hand.  It is a time of flux for both Project Space 11, the artist-led ecology in Plymouth and the arts in a wider sense. VIA responds to this atmosphere; exploring alternative platforms, situations and venues for showing and discussing artist practice.

Using the conventions of a publication, a pop-up film screening, blogging and a discussion within the PVAC curated symposium for the British Art Show 7, VIA will exist within the available structure of the British Art Show 7’s tour to Plymouth in September – December 2011.

VIA: Limited Edition Poster and Publication

Project Space 11 have commissioned artist Jessica Warboys to contribute a new 2D work that responds to the context of the VIA project. Volcano Vertigo is presented as an A2 fold-out poster. This free, one colour lithograph publication is printed in a limited run, available from key locations across the city centre. Using the platform of a folding poster/publication, the work will act as visual punctuation across the city, in shops and domestic spaces. By presenting the work in this format, the viewer is able to acquire and keep an artwork, with the potential for it to be displayed throughout the city and further afield.Film, painting and performance are central to Jessica Warboys’ practice. Where these mediums meet, moments are fixed and narratives both linear and non-linear are woven. Openness and the incomplete become both structures and spaces for shadows and prints to gain movement and gravity. The rhythm of recorded gestures within her films alongside the aleatory marks found in her painting, position her work between event, performance and visual record.
VIA: Film Screenings

Saturday 17th September, 6pm, The Athenaeum Theatre, Derry’s Cross, Plymouth.
A one-night only film screening exploring connections between a newly commissioned moving image work by Oliver Sutherland and an existing feature film.

Sutherland has created a new work inspired by a number of original feature films from the science fiction genre; producing a digital 3D landscape in which an new feature film could potentially be realised. The landscapes presented are dormant, bereft of actions and human acts, waiting for potential narratives to emerge through the direction of the camera.

The work is inspired by an article the artist recently read about a well known film director buying the rights to dead actors’ likenesses, names and voices, to then potentially be used in a digitally created film. The landscapes Sutherland has created incorporate various objects and spaces allowing for the camera to drift freely from one ‘set’ to another, creating further narratives depending on when the viewer encounters the piece.

The new piece will be shown back-to-back with a feature film; an iconic sci-fi blockbuster – the title of which will be revealed on the evening of the screening.

The screening will take place in the 1961 theatre of the Athenaeum (a building built to house the Athenaeum Society, a library and lecture society which celebrates the arts and sciences, with a 200 year legacy). The striking and unique 340 seat theatre, with original period decor (including the only circular revolving stage in the South West), is an under-used and under-celebrated space in the city.

To book tickets for this screening please contact
The screening will take place at 6pm on Saturday 17th September.

The Plymouth Athenaeum
Derry’s Cross

VIA: symposium and dialogue
December 2nd and 3rd, Plymouth College of Art
Project Space 11 have invited one artist-led space from each BAS7 city to collaborate on a dialogue, resulting in a panel discussion as part of the PVAC British Art Show 7 symposium, entitled, What will the art world look like in 2061, at the time of the next major comet? on December 2nd and 3rd at Plymouth College of Art. Working with TRADE Gallery (Nottingham), James Taylor Gallery (London), Transmission Gallery(Glasgow), and invited artist representatives from South West based artist-led organisations, the group will explore how large art festivals/biennials affect the city/region’s artist-led ecology and the future of artist-led spaces.Initiated as a web-based dialogue, members of the group will contribute thoughts and reflections to September – December. All participants will be invited for a one-day ‘micro residency’ the day before the symposium, to discuss ideas that came out of the blog forum, and to create a framework for the panel discussion.Time and date to be confirmed.
Plymouth College of Art, Tavistock Place, Plymouth PL4 8AT


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